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About WatchGuard ReputationAuthority

WatchGuard ReputationAuthority is the world's most effective reputation service for email and web security, providing critical protection and a better performing network to businesses, government organizations, ISPs, and other security vendors. It stands alone for protecting organizations as the first and only third-generation, zero-hour global monitoring and protection system purposely created for business and government. ReputationAuthority proactively and automatically prevents unwanted email and web traffic that contain spam, malware, spyware, malicious code, and phishing and network threats from entering your network, resulting in a 98.3% catch-rate being rejected at the connection-level.

Third-Generation Technology

Unlike other older reputation services, which act like a credit bureau monitoring the historically known unwanted traffic, WatchGuard ReputationAuthority combines historical information with patented, next-generation adaptive identification techniques and behavioral analysis to determine the reputation and risk level of email and web traffic trying to enter your network. ReputationAuthority's accuracy and catch-rate lead the industry, but its zero-hour threat outbreak response and defense-in-depth approach make it stand alone as the authority for email and web reputation. With these unique, zero-hour capabilities, any newly discovered threat from anywhere in the global network alerts and informs the ReputationAuthority system to reject future attacks from occurring for all WatchGuard XCS customers and strategic alliances.

Leading First Line of Defense

With billions of emails and web pages examined per day, WatchGuard ReputationAuthority is the leading first line of defense for protection with today's blended threats, spam, malware and generally unwanted traffic. ReputationAuthority is included with all WatchGuard XCS appliances to provide instant sharing of risks and threats discovered with WatchGuard XCS's defense-in-depth technology

Increased Network Performance

By rejecting unwanted email and web traffic at the connection level, WatchGuard ReputationAuthority serves as a front-line intelligent firewall to keep spam, threats, undeliverable mail and network attacks out of your network so that you are not burdened with processing or archiving unwanted traffic. This results in decreased costs throughout your network for processing and bandwidth utilization.

Zero-Hour Malware and Spam Outbreak Response

Threat feeds uploaded into the system include discovered threats from all WatchGuard XCS customers, our global email and Web reputation databases, and third party systems from across the globe. The combination of these feeds are automatically updated in the WatchGuard reputation database and streamed instantly across the ReputationAuthority network in real-time, providing organizations with a completely automated system for rejecting email and web threats. By closing the window of vulnerability that occurs between when a newly discovered spam or malware attack first emerges and when the software scanning filters are updated, threats are blocked in real-time with the fastest response time.

Defense-In-Depth for Virus, Spam and Malware Prevention

Using our defense-in-depth, WatchGuard's anti-spam and anti-malware prevention layers achieve a catch rate of over 99% with an accuracy rate of 99.999%. Once newly discovered risks and threats are discovered by the WatchGuard filters, the information is securely sent to the ReputationAuthority databases for immediate validation and outbreak response. By examining the content, sender information, and conducting contextual analysis of incoming traffic across multiple protocols, the system assigns a categorized and weighted score that enables organizations to throttle and tune their spam.


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